Welcome to Procure Multimedia

We are an independent digital video production company, based in Cape Town South Africa.

Procure Multimedia combine's the powerful elements of sight, sound and motion to create compelling content. In using the latest technologies available to the marketing industry, like web based video's and mobile marketing via mms with bluetooth compatability, we are able to take care of your multimedia needs. Procure delivers, whether it is a social event like a wedding, a 21 st bash, or extreme sporting events. We specialize in corporate services.
Why Video?
Simply because it is the most powerful medium available. So be selective when hiring a professional video production company: many people think video is entirely out of reach of their budget. This is far from the truth- simply give us a call.

Today's professional digital video cameras provide much higher quality and are more cost effective than previously. With the latest developments in editing and post-production software, time-lines have been reduced drastically. A high quality final product is now within everybody's reach.

PMM specializes in corporate services

  • Training video programmes
  • Product info CD's, CD-Roms' DVD's
  • Multi-lingual demonstrations of equipment
  • Product guides through video reality

Is there a need to educate your staff or is there something creative on your mind?

Whatever multimedia troubles you might have we will help you see it through. Procure Multimedia are developing expertise at the rock-face of 'experiential marketing'.